Bronberg grasses

The following grasses have been positively identified.  The grasses may be found in the book “Guide to Grasses of South Africa”by Frits van Oudtshoorn. Many more grasses are present but not yet identified.

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    Scientific Name Common Name
    Alloteropsis semialata subsp. semialata Black-seed grass
    Andropogon eucomus Snowflake grass
    Andropogon huillensis Large silver Andropogon
    Aristida adscensionis Annual Three-awn
    Aristida congesta subsp. congesta Tassel Three-awn
    Aristida transvaalensis Rock Three-awn
    Bewsia biflora False Love-grass
    Cenchrus ciliaris Blue buffalo grass, Bloubuffelsgras
    Chloris pycnothrix Spiderweb grass
    Chloris virgata -
    Ctenium concinnum Sickle Grass
    Cymbopogon excavatus Broad-leaved Turpentine Grass
    Cymbopogon plurinodes Narrow-leaved Turpentine Grass
    Cynodon dactylon Couch Grass
    Digitaria brazzae Brown Finger Grass
    Digitaria eriantha Common Finger Grass
    Digitaria monodactyla One-finger Grass
    Diheteropogon amplectens Broad-leaved Bluestem
    Eleusine coracana Goose Grass
    Elionurus muticus Wire Grass
    Eragrostis biflora Shade Eragrostis
    Eragrostis capensis Heart-seed Love Grass
    Eragrostis gummiflua Gum Grass
    Eragrostis cf lehmanniana Lehmann’s Love Grass
    Eragrostis racemosa Narrow Heart Love Grass
    Eragrostis rigidior (Broad) Curly Leaf
    Eragrostis trichophora Hairy Love Grass
    Eustachus paspaloides Brown Rhodes Grass
    Festuca scabra Munnik Fescue
    Harpochloa falx Caterpillar Grass, Ruspergras
    Heteropogon contortus Spear Grass
    Hyparrhenia hirta Common thatching grass
    Hyparrhenia tamba Blue thatching grass
    Imperata cylindricaCottonwool Grass
    Loudetia flavida Pointed Russet Grass
    Loudetia simplex Common Russet Grass
    Melinis nerviglumis Bristle-leaved Red Top
    Melinis repens subsp. repens Natal Red Top
    Monocymbium ceresiiforme Boat Grass
    Panicum maximum Guinea Grass
    Panicum natalense Natal Panicum
    Paspalum dilatatum Dallis grass
    Paspalum scrobiculatum Veld Paspalum
    Perotis patens Cat’s tail, bottle-brush grass
    Pogonarthria squarrosa Herringbone Grass
    Schizachyrium sanguineum Red Autumn Grass
    Setaria lindenbergiana Mountain Bristle Grass
    Setaria pallide-fusca Garden Bristle Grass
    Setaria sphacelata var sphacelata Common Bristle Grass
    Setaria sphacelata var sericea Golden Bristle Grass
    Setaria verticillata Bur Bristle Grass
    Sporobolus africanus Ratstail Dropseed
    Sporobolus cf fimbriatus Dropseed Grass
    Themeda triandra Red Grass
    Trachypogon spicatus Giant Spear Grass
    Tragus berteronianus Carrot-seed Grass
    Triraphis andropogonoides Broom Needle Grass
    Tristachya biseriata -
    Tristachya leucothrix Hairy Trident Grass
    Tristachya rehmannii Broom Trident Grass
    Urelytrum agropyroides Quinine Grass
    Urochloa mosambicensis Bushveld Signal Grass

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