Insect photos

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Honey bee African monarch butterflyAfrican monarch butterflyAcraea horta butterflyCream striped owl mothEmerald mothMothSpotted joker butterflyGarden inspector butterfly Brown-veined white butterflyBrown-veined white butterflyBrown-veined white butterflySmoky orange tip butterflyEmperor moth caterpillarCaterpillarCaterpillarSmall Scarlet DragonflyJulia Skimmer DragonflySwamp bluet damselfly March bluetail damselflyLunate ladybirdPotato ladybirdBeetle clusterNet winged beetleCMR Bean beetleCommon metallic longhorn beetleChafer beetleCommon dotted fruit chafer beetle Zigzag fruit chafer beetleYellow-belted fruit chafer beetleWhite legged Toktokkie beetleBark bugTwig wilter bugTwig wilter bugKoppie foam grasshopperKoppie foam grasshopperGrasshopperElegant grasshopperGrasshopper

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